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Peter (Discounted Golf Equipment)

this is cool. thanks for the tip.

Kona Joe

Dude...thanks for the response. I sure hope you offer discounts to those who visit the Big Island and mention they saw it on the blog. Otherwise, it might be a situation where we're dealing with that unsatisfying, untasty version of you know what!

golf club reviews

I love golf because I grew up with my dad who also love this game. I also adore golf courses which are surrounded by water. Why? because I found it more challenging once the ball threw up in water.

matrix ozik

Hualalai on the Big Island is the best place to play golf despite of its coldness. In fact there are lot of experts who used to play here. Some Championship and tournament were also held here

improve golf swing

this is such a cool picture. this has to be an awesome course.

Believe it or not the weather you are playing in can make a difference in which golf ball you use. Course conditions can also dictate golf ball choice. Let’s say the course has been deluged with rain. In this case, you will need a ball that will travel father and produces less spin. If you are playing on a rock hard, sun-scorched track, choose something softer that will land soft and spin

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