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11 October 2012


- Mary Lynn Price

The wooden huts are pulled out to the remote sea ice camp location with a large tractor. Between pupping seasons the camp huts are stored at McMurdo Station. The wire is a power cable running from the main kitchen hut where the solar power system is located. These great photos were taken by field research team member Jesse DeVoe who is now on location, and uploaded via satellite internet from McMurdo Station. We hope to have internet connection from camp soon! I will be joining the team in Antarctica after finishing much travel this coming week. Thank you for posting!
- Mary Lynn


Amazing to contemplate the logistics of setting up these camps. Are the wooden structures there from previous trips or do they have to be dragged in for each project? What is that wire attached to? How are you able to post this on Facebook from such a remote location? Thinking of you from my warm & comfy computer station!

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